Incorporating Picture-Taking in Your Child Care Program

-- from February 1999 issue of CCA's The "Ten" Times Newsletter


(Information obtained from the "Polaroid Roundtable")

Listed below are some ideas to incorporate and share photography as a part of your child care setting.

Birthday Timeline: Run a band of white paper (such as adding machine tape) around your area wall at the children's height. Mark off the paper into days to create a year's calendar. Your year begins on one side of your door and ends on the other side. Post pictures of children on their birthday points on the timeline. Create a construction paper party hat to place over the child's photo when the birthday arrives. Add photographs of other class events to fill out your timeline. Use the timeline to build a sense of time and continuity for children. Children also love to walk their parents through time and show them their favorite moments.

Photo-Phonetics: Create a photo alphabet by photographing people and things in and around your child care environment. Use these photos in alphabet games to identity the letters with which words start. Children are fascinated by photographs of people and things they recognize and you can make Lotto, Concentration, or other fun games with the photos.


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