Family Day Care Unannounced Inspections Bill Passed

-- from June 1999 issue of CCA's The "Ten" Times Newsletter


Maryland has passed a law which mandates the Child Care Administration to conduct unannounced inspections in the period between renewals. Bill #299 has been supported by providers and Family Day Care Associations, and becomes effective October 1, 1999. This will require CCA to conduct unannounced inspections of day care homes between the initial and renewal inspections.


UPDATE from July 28, 1999 CCFDCA Meeting

The visits will consist of a representative from the Child Care Administration doing a walk through. They will work off a regular inspection report, without doing a full inspection, i.e., safe, adequate rest areas and equipment, check rooms that are used for daycare, sanitation, space requirements, license displayed, age appropriate activities. They will not be there to do a full inspection, however, if they see something, they will write up a non-compliance.


UPDATE from Fall 1999 issue of Partners (DHR/CCA's publication)

Family child care homes whose registration renewal is October 1 - December 31, 2000, will be receive an unannounced inspection during October 1 - December 31, 1999.


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