Making Veggies Fun

-- from February 1999 issue of CCA's The "Ten" Times Newsletter


Have you ever tried to serve vegetables to picky eaters? It's an uphill battle, to say the least. How about trying a different strategy. Some providers have had success by holding "tasting parties", while others have used food preparation experiences, field trips to farms, or child-tested recipes to get those children to eat more veggies. Help children identify and sort vegetables (by color or shape), to understand how they grow and how they get to the table, and to learn ways in which veggies can be a part of meals. The goal is to help the children know about and to eat lots of different vegetables. Vegetables from different parts of the world could also be used to explore different cultures. Talk to children about a new vegetable before it appears on their plate, and make it sound as interesting as you can. Trying to force a child to eat certain foods is a recipe for frustration.


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