Tax Tips
Time on the Internet
from "The Nap Time News"
(Family Child Care Association of Montgomery County)
March/April 2000 Issue

Record the time you spend on the Internet for your business because it can help reduce your taxes.You are entitled to deduct the business portion of Internet access fees (AOL, CompuServe, Prodigy, etc.).The business portion is based on the number of hours you are on the Internet. If you are on the Internet for business purposes after child care hours, you can also claim these hours as part of your Time-Space percentage, which will help increase your deductions for your house expenses.  In addition, you can use these hours on your computer to claim a portion of the cost of the computer and modem as a business expense.So, the more time you spend at the Redleaf National Institute Web site, the lower your taxes will be!

      Article from Redleaf National Institute


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