Top 10 reasons you should become more involved in your day care association


10 ... Because your kids don't let you play with their friends.

9 ... Because you've started to look forward to new episodes of Sesame Street.

8 ... Because you want your husband to experience parenting to the fullest once in a while.

7 ... Because anyone who can sell the benefits of eating spinach has all it takes to be a super volunteer.

6 ... Because being an active member is easier than potty training.

5 ... Because you can THINK all the way to the meetings and all the way home.

4 ... Because you are starting to wish you lived in Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.

3 ... Because you will feel better about the rotten things your kids do when you listen to other providers.

2 ... Because you think you're networking when you switch from Nickelodeon Jr. to PBS.

1 ... Because your promotions to Head Cook, Head Nurse and Head Referee have all come with no reward.


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