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-- from Partners, A publication of DHR, CCA, Fall 1999

(in part)

As of July 1, 2000, each family child care provider must be certified in approved first aid and CPR, and at least one first aid-certified and CPR-certified staff member must be present at all times in each child care center or letter of compliance facility for every 20 children in care. Certifications must be approved to all ages of children approved for care in the home or the facility. Certifications must be maintained for as long as the provider is registered to provide care.

All first aid and CPR certifications must be "skills-based", meaning that you have completed a hands-on skills test and knowledge testing. You must have on your certification the category PBLS Plus (for infants and children younger than 9 years of age), Heart Saver Plus (for children 9 years of age or older), or Health Care Provider (for all age ranges). Be sure to sign up for a course that is providing certification for all the ages of the children in your care. Providers and center staff must be able to document successfully completion of, not just enrollment in, approved CPR and first aid training by July 1, 2000.

Family day care Regulation .14 will be amended to make the required certifications a training requirement which is separate from, and in addition to, health related training. The health-related training requirement itself will be reduced from the current 6 clock hours to 2 clock hours. It will also be revised to allow a provider to meet the requirement by taking courses in approved health- or safety-related topics (i.e., child nutrition, caring for children with disabilities, childhood diseases, home fire safety).


Revised Training Hours for Family Child Care Providers

-- from Partners, A publication of DHR, CCA, Fall 1999

In addition to the revised training for CPR and first aid, the Child Care Administration also proposes to increase the number of training hours required of family child care providers in areas related to child development, program activities, and home operations. For initial registrations, the training requirement will increase from 3 clock hours to 6 clock hours. For registration renewals, the training requirement will increase from 6 clock hours to 10 clock hours. These revised requirements will also take effect on July 1, 2000. A provider who applies for registration renewal on or after that date will need to document completion of 10 clock hours of approved training since the date the last registration certificate was issued.


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