Warren Gamaliel Harding


29th President of the United States (March 4, 1921 to August 2, 1923)
Nickname: None
Vice President: Calvin Coolidge

Born: November 2, 1865, near Corsica, Ohio
Died: August 2, 1923, in San Francisco, California

Father: George Tyron Harding
Mother: Phoebe Elizabeth Dickerson Harding
Married: Florence Kling DeWolfe (1860-1924), on July 8, 1891
Children: Elizabeth Ann Christian (illegitimate child by Nan Britton) (1919- )

Religion: Baptist
Education: Graduated from Ohio Central College (1882)
Occupation: Editor-Publisher
Political Party: Republican



Only into the beginning of the third year of his term, President Harding died in San Francisco in August 1923 from a heart attack.


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