Easter Crafts

Easter is the oldest and most joyful of all Christian holidays, the day Christians celebrate their belief that Jesus Christ rose fromt he dead and in so doing, proved he was God. Easter is celebrated on a Sunday between March 22nd and April 25th. Festive spring attire and signs of new life -- eggs, chicks, bunnies and flowers -- symbolize this spring holiday.


Breakfast Biscuit Bunnies

Cone Cup Bunny

Confetti Filled Eggs

Cotton Ball Chick

Easter Chick Card

Easter Chick in Egg Decoration

Easter Egg Dye

Easter Tree


Holiday Clay Earrings

Jelly Bean Carrot


The Jelly Bean Prayer

Marshmallow Rabbit

Oil and Food Coloring Marbled Eggs

Paper Dolls

Paper Plate Bunny

Puffy Sheep

Real Easter Eggs to Toss

Rice Crispy Easter Baskets

Setting Hen

Washcloth Bunny (aka Boo-boo Bunny)


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