Thanksgiving Crafts


The first Thanksgiving was a day to be thankful, a day of feasting and games shared with the Indians. The Pilgrims were thankful for a good harvest, good health, and to the Indians for teaching them how to survive in their new surroundings. Thanksgiving is much the same today. A family time for sharing and feasting. A day to be thankful.

Talk about ways you and your children feel thankful. Discuss ways people express their thankfulness -- a hug, a kind word, a small gift.

-- November/December 1997 Newsletter


Clip-On Turkeys

Corn Collage

Corn Husk Napkin Rings

Graham Cracker Turkeys

Grow Your Own Corn

Handprint Greeting Card or Placecard

Hands and Feet Turkey

Jello Turkeys

Little Hiawatha

Make Your Own Corn Chips

Paper Dolls

  Paper Plate Turkey

Pilgrim Hat and Buckles

Pine Cone Turkeys


Pumpkin Pudding

Thanksgiving Place Cards

Thanksgiving Songs & Plays


Turkey Bowl

Turkey Pumpkin

Turkey Toothpick Holder


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